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I keep my kids cool in the car using a simple device from Amazon

Sep 20, 2023

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A PARENT has revealed her handy trick to keeping her children cool while in the backseat on hot days.

The Texas-based TikTok creator has nearly 8,000 followers on the app who have an interest in the content she shares of her life as a stay-at-home mom and the family-related tips she shares.

Haley Gervacio (@haleyxgrv) found an Amazon device so conveniently helpful with keeping her children from getting hot while she's driving that she couldn't keep the product a secret.

The mom posted a video about the small fans with a caption reading: "My AC definitely takes some time to cool down, but these fans and carseat coolers helps so much!"

The TikToker included hashtags like #carseathack, #carseatcooler, #amazonbabyfinds and #amazonkidsproducts.

Her clip featured screen text over it stating: "How I keep my kids cool in my Honda Civic."

She pulled the little black automatic fans out of two medium-sized brown boxes that had labels reading 'battery fan.'

Gervacio proceeded to display herself clipping them to the handles over her car's backseat windows.

This way, they point down, directly at her children's car seats to keep them cool.

She had both a toddler car seat and a baby car seat in the backseat of her vehicle.

The fan she uses for her little ones is an AMACOOL brand battery-operated stroller fan with a flexible tripod clip.

It has three speeds and has a rotatable function as well.

The cool item costs $29.99 from Amazon.

Her video has received almost 8,000 views.

"Such a thoughtful momma," someone commented with pink hearts.

Gervacio replied: "Thank you!!"

"I feel so bad because my AC is only in the front," she added.

"The fans definitely help with circulation!"

"My daughter is 3.5 and I swear the portable fans are the best thing I ever bought for her as a baby," another person shared.

The TikTok creator responded: "Yes!"

"I even put it on my baby’s stroller too," she admitted.