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I’m Tesla driver

Oct 07, 2023

A TESLA driver has revealed why they hate their EV and in particular a potentially dangerous feature.

Influencer Erin Robinson slammed Tesla "fan girls" on TikTok as she discussed her experience of the trendy EV.

Erin said: "All the little Tesla fan girls out there just peeing their pants.

"They can't handle the fact that there's somebody that doesn't have the same Tesla experience as them. It's just not possible.

"So I'm going to do a series and tell you guys all the things that I don't like about my Tesla."

Her main issue was with the keyless locking system.

Some Teslas do not come with key fobs, instead using an app on the owner's phone to lock and unlock the doors as well as start the car.

This is meant to be more secure it's harder to access a secure smartphone than simply to steal a key.

However, Erin claimed that this often fails to work and could potentially leave her in danger.

She filmed herself trying to open the firmly locked door despite having the app active and her phone in her hand.

The fuming driver added: "So [if] somebody's chasing me to my car, which has happened many times in Los Angeles... I've got to figure out 'oh my gosh, let me restart the app'.

"Do I have the stupid key card that also doesn't work on my car?"

In the end, Erin said she had to pay an extra £200 for a physical key fob that she could use instead.

Social media commenters were astonished by the video.

One wrote: "I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy a Tesla.

Another added: "You need to get rid of that thing. I would be so frustrated."

It comes after a motors expert shared five hidden features in your car key, including one that could help keep you safe.