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RX26T new lineup expansion : Suitable for Motor Control Applications

Jul 20, 2023

We are excited to introduce our latest RX26T group lineup addition: the RX26T (RAM48KB) product. It is now available for purchase and has entered mass production.

The RX26T group(The New RX26T – Ideal Microcontroller for Motor Control Applications), is poised to be the natural successor to the RX24T/RX24U. This product, designed especially for dual-motor and PFC control, kicked off its mass production in May 2023.

The RX26T (RAM48KB) variant boasts two package options: 48pin LFQFP and 64pin LFQFP. Additionally, it offers flash memory sizes of 128KB and 256KB.

In recent motor/inverter control applications, there's not only a rising demand for IoT compatibility but also a distinct preference among our customers who have favored RX24T for more specialized, high-performance products. These customers look for solutions that can adeptly handle both single motor with PFC control or dual motor control (2 or 3 shunt controls + a 1 shunt control).Catering to demand, the RX26T (RAM48KB) providing 48 and 64-pin packages retains the best of RX24T – from functional to pin layout compatibility – while introducing enhanced features for complex controls. This includes superior arithmetic capabilities, faster A/D conversion feedback, leading to improved control accuracy and efficiency.Main improvements include:

Also, when comparing the features of RX24T and RX26T, the table below shows the differences. For more detailed differences, please refer to the application note Differences Between the RX26T Group and the RX24T/RX24U Group that summarizes the differences between the products

Next, let me introduce the evaluation kit.The RX26T (RAM48KB) product aligns seamlessly with Renesas' latest motor solution platform MCK*1, just like the RX26T (RAM64KB) product. We're also rolling out CPU board MCB*2-RX26T Type C that is equipped with the RX26T (RAM48KB) product. Complementing this, we have prepared motor control sample codes tailored for the RX26T (RAM48KB) product. Simply secure your MCK and MCB-RX26T Type C, download the sample codes from our website, and you're all set for an immediate motor-centric evaluation.

In wrapping up, today's spotlight was on the RX26T group's enriched product. This bolstered lineup is our response to the evolving demands of our customers. As you embark on a new motor control application that commands top-tier performance and features, the RX26T group stands ready as your go-to choice.

*1: Renesas Flexible Motor Control Kit*2: Renesas Flexible Motor Control CPU Board

For more detailed information about technical documents, samples, and development support tools, please refer to the product pages of MCU and the kit.RX26T Product PageCPU Board: RTK0EMXE30C00000BJ - MCB-RX26T Type CSolution Kit: RTK0EMXE70S00020BJ - MCK-RX26T