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Wuling E10 Electric LCV From China Is So Narrow You Could Drive It In Your Hallway

Sep 01, 2023

Despite its tiny footprint, the Wuling E10 has a cargo capacity of 60 cubic feet

When we talk about narrow LCVs our mind usually goes to the Japanese kei trucks, but there is a new model from China that makes them look wide in comparison. The Wuling E10 is a fully electric single-seater commercial vehicle designed to fit in the narrowest streets of megacities as a last-mile delivery solution set to replace tricycles.

The exterior of the Wuling E10 is characterized by unconventional proportions due to its narrow face and tiny 12-inch wheels. Still, its boxy and minimalist body has a few interesting details like the sad-looking headlights in the black-painted nose. Besides the standard version with the metal box at the back, there is a higher-roof option that can be used as a refrigerator for transporting and selling flowers, ice cream, fruit, food, or drinks. Inside the single-seater cabin, there is manual A/C, a digital instrument cluster, and a USB port for charging.

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The funny-looking vehicle is only 1,080 mm (42.5 inches) wide, meaning you can hide two of those behind a 2,202 mm (86.7 inches) wide GMC Hummer EV. It also has a turning radius of 4.3 m (14.1 feet) making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Despite all that narrowness, the length of 3,305 mm (130.1 inches) and the height of 1,690 mm (66.5 inches) bring true LCV-levels of practicality.

More specifically, the rear box has an impressive capacity of up to 1.7 cubic meters (60 cubic feet). On the other hand, the load capacity is limited to 200 kg (441 pounds) which is understandable for a vehicle with a curb weight of 620 kg (1,367 pounds).

The Chinese EV is powered by a front-mounted electric motor producing 27 hp (20 kW / 27 PS), with the top speed being limited to 71 km/h (44 mph). Energy is sourced in a 9 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, which despite its tiny capacity is good for an electric range of 150 km (93 miles) if you stay within the 40 km/h (25 miles) speed limits of the inner city circle. The battery is compatible with AC chargers and regular 220V household plugs so you can charge it anywhere.

The Wuling E10 first appeared online in early 2022, but the official launch took place in China on August 28, 2023. We guess that initially, the model was available for corporations before being offered for the general public. Wuling launched two different variants of the E10, priced at ¥36,800 ($5,054) and ¥39,800 ($5,466) respectively. Below you can watch the TV commercial of the EV which was uploaded on YouTube by user Serba Semua.

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