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2023 Electric Motorcycles Buyers Guide From A to Z [30+ Brands]

Jun 23, 2023

I recently took a look at some of the aspects of the ever-growing electric motorcycle story with my commentary, “Will electric motorcycles ever own the road?” With scooters, mini-bikes, ultralight off-road-only dirt bikes, classic conventional street bikes, white-knuckle-fast sport bikes, adventure motorcycles, and even heavyweight baggers on the market, there is e-cycle for almost any kind of ride you can name. To keep this buyer’s guide manageable, we’re limiting it to currently available street-legal motorcycles. So, it’s time for the Ultimate Motorcycling 2023 Electric Motorcycles Buyers Guide.

Our buyer’s guide offers brand-specific information to help you sort out what’s available and from which companies. Pricing data may not be provided on a given website. In most cases, prices will be affected by the model selected, final options, specifications that may change, and any applicable fees and charges, so we have not quoted any pricing. The information noted here was current when compiled. However, models, specifications, claims, and other information may be different by the time you read this. Also, always take range numbers with a grain of salt. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-chargin’.”

2023 Electric Motorcycle Buyers Guide from A to Z

Arc Vector

Hand-built in Great Britain, the Arc Vector offers a highly personalized design, monocoque chassis, clutchless single-speed transmission, traction control, and adaptive regenerative braking. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Arc product is the use of a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The Arc Pilot System provides feedback and notifications to the rider, as well as the Origin armor and jacket system. It was developed with Knox, which houses the Pilot System’s haptic (simulates the sensation of touch and motion virtually). In addition, in collaboration with Hedon, the Arc Zenith helmet has a head-up display that includes multiple modes and an automatic rear-view camera, which can be controlled manually or by voice.


Auper Motorcycles touts its centralized vehicle control unit, which uses encrypted electronic components to discourage theft, ABS, stability, and traction control as standard features on all bikes, haptic seat feedback, smart lighting, adaptive instrumentation that adapts to the state of your riding, and 37-liter storage capacity. Also, the motor does not depend on permanent magnets.


The Brutus Motorcycle product line from Bell Custom Cycles spans the range from its Chariot e-bicycle up to the track- and street-ready V2 Rocket. The Brutus V9 is a top-of-the-line cruiser or touring bike, depending on how you decide to configure it. The Brutus 2 is a solo-ride streetfighter, and the Brutus 2 Café adds clip-ons and rearsets for rides where cheating the wind is essential.


Cake electric motorcycles are a product of Sweden, and it has dealers in 12 states in our country. For urban commuter work, Cake offers the Makka, Aik, Osa, and Kalk models in various configurations and options. Off-road versions of the Kalk, Kalk OR, Kalk OR Race, and Bukk are available, as well. The Aik:work models are aimed at functional and cargo applications such as delivery operations. There are also models for kids.


The Colibri M2 is super-light, claims an urban range of 124 miles, and folds for compact storage in three steps. Claimed to be street legal in the US and EU, has lights, turn signals, a license plate holder, and a digital display. Lightweight, the M2 has a claimed weight of only 114 pounds in single-battery configuration, and 173 pounds in the three-battery arrangement.


Based in Southern California and importing two-wheelers from China, CSC offers the adventure-bike-styled electric RX1E, the Monterey step-through, and the ES5 and E-RT3 electric scooters. The RX1E features Bosch ABS, adjustable suspension, three ride modes, and a liquid-cooled motor with claimed 61 ft-lbs of torque and 24 horsepower. Side cases and a top box come standard on the RX1E.


Curtiss Motorcycles is part of the continuing legacy of legendary designer/builder Glenn Curtiss. The platform for the company’s electric motorcycle design is called The 1. Open to wide-ranging bespoke design, customers can go to the Work of Art section of the company’s website to collaborate with Curtiss designers to create their own interpretations of The 1, with adjustable rake, trail, wheelbase, and suspension. The four color options, leather upholstery, and steampunk styling will get you noticed on a Curtiss. The 1 is powered by a fully immersed battery/powertrain producing a claimed 110 horsepower and 147 ft-lbs of torque, with a claimed range of 120 miles in the city and 70 miles on the highway. We have taken a close look at Curtiss Motorcycles’ The One.


Damon offers two standard platforms—the Hypersport and Hyperfighter. Each offer a claimed output of 200 horsepower, and a top speed of 200 mph. Damon claims acceleration from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 sec. The range is 200 miles on the highway and 300 miles in the city, according to the Vancouver, British Columbia, based company. The electric motorcycles use a monocoque oil-cooled Hyperdrive system with 150-kilowatt output with an 18,000 rpm redline. Other features include a six-speed manual transmission, the Copilot fore-and-aft hazard warning system, and Shift electronically adjustable ergonomics (raise/lower the handlebar and pegs).


This Toronto-based company offers on-/off-road e-cycles, e-bicycles, scooters, ATVs, UTVs, trikes, and four-wheel mobility solutions. The EM2 is Daymak’s fully-faired sportbike, and it features a 72-volt battery to power a 500-watt motor.


Davinci has two models, the DC100 and DC Classic. Claimed output for each is 100kW (135 horsepower), a top speed of 124 mph, a range of at least 222 miles, plus integrated ride controls such as hill start assist, hill descent assist, traction control, and reverse. The company is based in China.


With four versions, the Ego (sportbike), Experia (touring), EsseEsse 9 (conventional), and Eva Rebelle (streetfighter), Energica offers a configuration for a broad range of riders. Energica electric motorcycles use a liquid-cooled, three-phase, 300-volt, 12,000 rpm, hybrid synchronous motor with adaptive control inverter that enables the system “to select the right control parameters as they vary: the torque required by the vehicle, the engine speed, the operating mode of the system, the temperature and other factors that identify the operating status of the powertrain,” according to the Italian company.


Evoke Motorcycles has three models, the Urban Classic, Urban S, and 6061 GT. Power train and performance specifications vary by model. Regenerative braking, fast charging equipment, and other options are available, depending on the model.


Horwin’s CR-6 street bike is the Chinese brand’s sole electric motorcycle, with plenty of scooters also available. The upright naked CR-6 has a top speed of 59 mph and a 75-mile range.


Based in Cornelius, North Carolina, veteran-founded and operated Huck Cycles offers three unorthodox models—Overland, Rebel, and Stinger. Each weighs about 200 pounds and offers three ride modes, along with optional performance upgrades.


The Johammer J1, a product of Austria, is an unconventional-looking ride, to say the least. Fortunately, the electric motorcycle goes beyond its unusual art deco-meets-Buck Rogers styling. For example, the motor and controller are mounted in the rear wheel, eliminating the need for a transmission and driveline. The mirrors have a built-in display to supplement the TFT day. The suspension features a traditional swingarm in the front, and a single-side swingarm rear suspension, for starters. The J1 has two versions, one with a 150-kilometer range, and the other stretching the range to 200 kilometers.


An Austrian brand imported into the United States, Kollter has five models ranging from the 11-kilowatt belt-drive ES1-S Pro to the top-of-the-line 35-kilowatt chain-drive RS-1 to the functional TS1 Tinbot. All models feature hydraulic disc brakes rather than regenerative, and the overall configuration appears to be a largely conventional motorcycle design.


In 2011, a Lightning Motors bike set a world land speed record at 215.960 mph average two-way speed and best timed speed of 218.637 mph in the Production Class. Since then, other electric bike records have been set, such as Eva Hakansson’s 248.721 mph on the Killajoule in 2016, and a recorded top speed of 270.224 mph in September 2014. However, that motorcycle was a full-on streamliner with three wheels that ran as a sidecar rig. Lightning offers the top-of-the-line LS-218 and Strike models. We tested the Lightning LS-218 in 2015.


We have tested the LiveWire One, and covered the upcoming Live Wire S2 Del Mar. LiveWire is owned by Harley-Davidson.

Maeving Britain’s Maeving RM1 offers an easily removable battery, a double battery option, a 45 mph top speed, an 80-mile urban range, a Bosch motor in the rear wheel, and a surprisingly conventional appearance.


The Pursang E-Track is built in Spain and features an 11-kilowatt Bosch motor in a chromoly frame with carbon fiber bodywork, belt primary drive, chain final drive, and disc brakes. The battery has a 7.2 kilowatt/hour capacity.


Based in Sweden, RGNT builds electric motorcycles that retain classic motorcycle styling. Two basic models are available—the No. 1 Classic SE and the No. 1 Scrambler SE. Both e-cycles use 21-kilowatt motors and a 9.5 kilowatt/hour battery. They offer hub drive, combined braking, leather seats (or vinyl), and a seven-inch LCD touchscreen dash with GPS and connectivity capabilities.


Ryvid Anthem offers an electric motorcycle with a swappable 4.3 kilowatt-hour battery, stainless steel chassis with adjustable ride height suspension, and regenerative braking. The motor is in the rear swingarm and has a clutchless direct belt final drive.


Australia’s Savic Motorcycles’ C-Series has a 40 kilowatt-hour battery for a 54-horsepower motor with a belt final drive, multiple ride modes, traction control, Brembo ABS regenerative brakes, and a touchscreen dash.


The Sondors Metacycle is bare-bones basic urban transportation with a claimed “real world” range of 60 miles and 80 miles under “ideal” conditions. The Metacycle motor delivers 14.5-kilowatt peak power via a permanent magnet hub motor for a claimed 60 mph top speed in drive mode, and 80 mph in sport mode. Hydraulic disc brakes are used on both wheels. The company also makes a range of electric bicycles.

Super Soco

The Super Soco TC Bosch hub motor produces three-kilowatt peak power for a range of 44 miles with the single battery configuration or 78 miles with dual batteries. Super Soco employs two-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo as a spokesman.


Brooklyn’s Tarform sells its Luna model in several configurations—Scrambler, Racer, Founder’s Edition, and Bespoke Edition. The company’s website reports that 2023 production is sold out, so new orders will not be filled until 2024. The Luna platform includes direct drive via a belt, with the motor integral to the rear swingarm and single-shock rear suspension. The 55-kilowatt motor is air-cooled, delivering a claimed 120 mph top speed and an urban range of 100 miles. The ISR disc brakes are supplemented with regenerative braking, and the suspension is by Öhlins.


The Belgian-built Trevor DTRe Stella is available in street-legal or off-road-only versions, claiming a range of up to 62 miles. Power is from an 11-kilowatt air-cooled brushless motor, and the top speed is 59 mph. Weighing in at 223 pounds with a disc brake on each wheel and a single-shock suspension. The design will appeal to minimalists.


China’s Tromox sells three Mino models—the Pesgo One, Ukko S, and Mino B—each built on a compact chassis with single-shock rear suspension and belt final drive.


Featuring two-wheel-drive, the Ubco is a standout. We have covered this innovative electric motorcycle.


India’s Ultraviolette has two models—the F77 street and the F99 racing model. The race-ready version has claimed 65-horsepower output, winglets, and four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with Bosch ABS. The F77 goes with a 30-kilowatt electric motor.


Built in Estonia, the Verge TS is promoted as an electric superbike that literally reinvents the wheel, to the extent that the rear wheel houses a hubless rim motor, it is, indeed, a departure from other rear-wheel hub-mounted motors. The TS has four ride modes modulating the claimed peak output of 201 horsepower. Performance claims include a maximum range of 233 miles and acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds.


We have been testing Zero motorcycles for over ten years, and this Santa Cruz based manufacturer is a leader in the class. The lineup varies from commuter to dual-sport to sport motorcycles with a variety of charging speed options. We most recently tested the 2023 Zero DSR/X.

Editor’s Note: No doubt there are some brands we missed. As things are happening so fast in this industry, some we listed may have come and gone by the time you read this. If you know of a brand selling electric motorcycles we missed, mention them in the comments and if they check out, we’ll add the company to our 2023 Electric Motorcycle Buyers Guide

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