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2026 Abarth 600e: Electric SUV Could Get The Scorpion’s Sting

Jul 11, 2023

While a hotter version of the 600e has yet to be confirmed, the SUV makes a great case for Abarth's second EV offering

This story includes independent illustrations that are not related to or endorsed by Abarth

After the imminent discontinuation of the ICE-powered Abarth 595 and 695 series by the end of 2023,, the Scorpion brand will be left with only one model in its lineup – the 500e zero-emission hot hatch. However, this is merely a temporary state, for the horizon promises a transformation.

Abarth’s CEO has already bestowed confirmation that a succession of performance models based on Fiat EVs is coming. One potential candidate is the new Fiat 600e, and our digital renderings provide a preview of how it could look if it makes it to production.

If the Abarth 600e became a reality, it would be the automaker’s first-ever SUV, although this is not a taboo anymore, as the vast majority of manufacturers, including sports car and supercar brands, already offer at least one crossover.

Similar to the 500e, the 600e could receive an Abarth-specific body kit, transforming the friendliness of the original design into aggressiveness. The lower front bumper with honeycomb intakes and the aluminum-style splitter draws inspiration from the Abarth 500e, making the 600e more appealing in our eyes. Furthermore, all of the Fiat and 600 badging would be replaced by Abarth lettering and the Scorpion emblem.

The profile would be spiced-up with body-colored plastic cladding and larger-diameter alloy wheels featuring the lime green Scorpion logo on the center caps, along with colorful brake calipers. More importantly, a lowered suspension would effectively transform the 600e from a sub-compact SUV to a hot hatch. Finally, a rear spoiler and a more prominent diffuser would add sportiness to the tail, despite the lack of exhaust pipes.

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Besides our own rendering, a similar digital illustration was created a few days ago by independent digital artist X-Tomi Design, showing the SUV from a different angle and emphasizing the lowered stance.

Interior upgrades could include a set of bucket seats for the front passengers, new trim and upholstery options, and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. Similar to the 500e, the hotter 600e could feature Abarth-specific graphics on the digital instrument cluster and the 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen, aluminum pedals, and a few Scorpion badges placed strategically throughout the cabin.

More Power, Sharper Handling, Or Both?

While Abarth hasn’t officially confirmed that it’s working on a 600e, many enthusiasts and experts believe it is a strong possibility. In a previous interview last year, CEO Olivier Francois hinted at the brand’s future range, stating that more powerful variants of the 500e are coming. He further mentioned that “All Fiat models can potentially have an Abarth version, but it will not make sense for all of them.” The Abarth boss emphasized that they will carefully assess each Fiat model to determine whether it aligns well with the Scorpion brand.

Given Abarth’s plan to go EV-only from 2024, the Fiat 600e currently stands as the most probable candidate for receiving the Abarth treatment.

The Italian B-SUV is built on Stellantis‘ eCMP architecture, which suggests that a potential Abarth-branded variant could share its performance components with other mechanically-related models. In 2021, Opel confirmed the development of an upcoming Mokka OPC that would focus on a sportier chassis setup rather than a significant increase in power.

On the other hand, the Jeep Avenger 4×4 concept, unveiled in 2022, featured dual electric motors, showcasing the capabilities of the platform. Additionally, DS has been spotted testing a hotter version of the DS3, which indicates the potential for high-performance variants within the platform’s lineup.

The standard Fiat 600e comes equipped with a single electric motor generating 154 hp (115 kW/156 PS), enabling it to achieve a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration in 9 seconds. Abarth’s engineering team could potentially extract more power from the electric powertrain by employing a new motor or applying different mapping, resulting in a quicker and more spirited EV, although this might come at the expense of the zero-emission range from the same 54 kWh battery pack.

In any case, an Abarth variant of the 600e would undoubtedly receive a stiffer and lowered suspension, paired with sharper steering compared to its Fiat counterpart. Abarth might also include the controversial Sound Generator feature, already offered in the 500e, which simulates the sound of a combustion engine to enhance the driving experience and add a sportier feel.

If Abarth were to introduce the 600e as a hot electric small SUV, it would likely be a unique offering in the current market, as there are no direct competitors in the same category. Even among similarly-sized ICE-powered hot SUVs, there are only a few options available. The possible discontinuation of the Hyundai Kona N would further limit the choices, leaving the VW T-Roc R as the sole alternative in that segment.

As of now, without any official confirmation, we can only speculate about the potential debut of the Abarth 600e. If the project is approved and progresses as anticipated, we might see it arrive as early as 2024 or 2025, making it the automaker’s second offering alongside the 500e urban dweller. Until then, we can only keep a close eye on any future updates and official announcements from the brand.

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