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BorgWarner Supplies Li Auto with Integrated Drive Module for New Energy Vehicles in China

May 18, 2023

BorgWarner, a global leader in delivering sustainable mobility solutions, has begun supplying Li Auto with its advanced integrated drive module (iDM220) for the company’s new energy vehicles in China. This marks BorgWarner’s first iDM business in China and is currently being used in Li Auto’s L8 and L9 range-extended electric vehicles.

The iDM220 is a highly integrated electric drive module capable of providing over 200 kW of maximum power and an estimated 4500 Nm of peak torque. It operates at 400V and offers high efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, and exceptional performance. The module features a compact, hairpin-wound stator with an outer diameter of 220 mm, an integrated off-axis gearbox, and a 400V silicon-based inverter. These components significantly reduce the weight and size of the entire system.

BorgWarner’s iDM220 is designed with a scalable, modular architecture, allowing for diverse installation adaptations. The company’s technology portfolio includes all the subsystems used in the iDM, which can be obtained as a fully integrated module or as stand-alone solutions for new energy vehicles.

The iDM production takes place at BorgWarner’s Wuhan plant in China, while the inverters used in the module are sourced from the BorgWarner Suzhou plant. Additionally, BorgWarner’s Tianjin plant indirectly supplies the traction motor and generator motor for the front axle on Li Auto’s L7, L8, and L9 models.

BorgWarner is excited to expand its partnership with Li Auto and contribute industry-leading electrification solutions. The company aims to support Li Auto in unleashing their future sustainability capabilities by providing smart, efficient, and reliable mobility solutions.

Overall, BorgWarner’s integrated drive module offers advanced technology and performance, contributing to the growth of Li Auto’s new energy vehicle lineup in China.