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May 17, 2024

GERMANY: The new Roller DHNI series of dual-discharge ceiling air coolers for industrial applications features an optimised heat exchanger and EC fans for increased efficiency.

The DHNI is equipped with AxiEco EC fans from EBM-Papst. The EC drive motor can be speed-controlled depending on the output and ensures low-noise operation. According to Roller, in deep-freeze operation the state-of-the-art impeller is unlikely to freeze up when ice forms, and the risk of the air intake grille icing up is also minimised.

Versions for HFC refrigerants and CO2 (PS 80bar) are available for direct evaporation, as well as other variants for refrigerant (brine) operation.

Very good accessibility for assembly, service and cleaning work is achieved via generous inspection openings, swiveling fan units and hinged drip trays.

The DHNI ceiling air cooler is available in cooling capacities from 10kW to 45kW and is equipped with one to three EC fans as standard.